Author: Ron Moscona

Ron Moscona

Ron advises on a wide range of technology related transactions, investments and compliance matters working primarily with clients in the software and digital field, electronics and telecoms, medical devices and life sciences. Ron also gained much experience in the aerospace and automotive, cleantech, consumer products, branded goods and food industries.

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Copyright in the Taste of Cheese?

For our U.S. readers with Thanksgiving and food still on their minds, the TMCA thought it would be timely to comment on recent news from Europe about cheese. The Court of Justice of the European Union (“ECJ”) held that there was no copyright in the continue reading...

Can I be sued for sending a demand letter?

In the UK, you can be. But the law is about to change and will become much clearer. New legislation will make life a bit easier for IP owners who seek legitimately to enforce their rights. Unjustified threats will remain actionable, but it will be easier to see where the line is continue reading...